Romantic guys Dima and Olga, have chosen the most popular date of the year 18−08−18. Beautiful? Yes! This day was rich in weddings, weddings were everywhere. Because this is the most wedding day in 2018. But thanks to our unusual timing, we had a delightful day. Yes. That’s the only way to call it a day. Well, imagine we arrive in the morning in the most popular registry office of the city of Krasnodar (Catherine Hall) and there is no queue, and even people can not be seen. But after we left the hall. The excitement and hype began. And we have already satisfied and happy went to a dinner party with guests. And while it was hot and the sun scorching, we dined in the cool of the restaurant Stan. On other days I would have objected to this timing, but this time I was happy that this is how it happened.

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